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The Columbia University Center for Bioethics has produced Web-based courses on Conflicts of Interest and Privacy and Confidentiality in Research that are problem-oriented and case-based in approach. These two interactive, multi-media Web-based seminars provide both video and hypertext, allowing learners to explore and review the module according to their own time and preference. An introduction, background text, definitions and explanations, and case studies with questions are all included.

The Center for Bioethics and The Arnold P. Gold Foundation have collaborated to produce monthly series of case studies entitled The Ethics Challenge on the Web. This educational resource has been developed by the Center for Bioethics and other medical schools to encourage "spaced practice" learning. On the Ethics Challenge Bulletin Board, students, and other interested parties, will find stimulating and thought-provoking cases on ethical issues related to the humanistic practice of medicine. Participants can post their responses to the Ethics Challenge cases. Then, after a designated period of time, responses to each case are placed by the authors on the Bulletin Board as a learning resource for others. When appropriate, examples of Ethics Committees decisions will be posted for participants to compare with their own responses.
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