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 Distance (Web-Based) Learning
 "Ethics for Lunch" Series

   Video Presentations
 Stem Cells: Critical Science, Policy, and Ethics
 Terri Schiavo Case: Medical Ethics' Perfect Storm, A Retrospective Analysis and Guide for the Perplexed
 Lee C. Bollinger: Affirmative Action and the US Supreme Court
 Decisional Capacity
 Ethics of Genetics in Research
The Littauer Foundation International Symposium: End of Life From a Jewish Perspective
bullet The Supreme Court and the Legal, Medical, and Ethical Challenges to Execution by Lethal Injection

   Current Issues in Research Ethics (CIRE):
 May 30, 2003 – Columbia University, New York, NY
Privacy and Confidentiality & Conflicts of Interest: Keeping Pace with Research Practice

 March 11, 2004 -  Harlem Hospital Center, New York, NY
Unique Research  Communities: Sensitivity to Privacy and Confidentiality, Participants’ Rights, and

 November 15, 2004 – St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital
Current Issues in Research Ethics: Tissue & Data Repositories, Conflicts of Interest, And Students
& Trainees in Research

 April 21, 2005 – New York State Psychiatric Institute
Privacy vs. Protection: The Case of College Student Suicide
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   Student Publications
 Columbia Journal of Bioethics

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