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W 3995 Topics in Biology - Crossroads in Bioethics - Spring

In this interactive, interdisciplinary seminar, students will examine, in a creative fashion, the underlying science of new biotechnologies and thesubsequent bioethical that emerges from these technologies. Topics include human cloning, transgenic technologies, new reproductive technologies, genomics, bioterrorism, genetically modified organisms and proteomics. Participants will analyze the interactions between scientific advances, ethics and Western society. The goals are to enhance creative thinking in students and to provide students with a comprehensive platform to resolve bioethical issues. Students will also have the opportunity to volunteer as editors for the Columbia University Journal of Bioethics. For more information go to www.columbia.edu/~jdl5

BMEN-E4010 Ethics for Biomedical Engineers – Spring

This interdisciplinary and interactive course will focus on contemporary issues in bioethics and is designed for students in biomedical engineering. Each topic will cover both the underlying science of new biotechnologies and the subsequent bioethical issues that emerge from these technologies. Topics will include scientific fraud, animal experimentation, nanotechnology, stem cell research, neuroethics, genetic screening, emerging global infections, and health care technology in the developing world.
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