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Private philanthropy and endowment support are vital to assure that the Center for Bioethics programs continue to provide education, promote research, and offer service to our diverse communities.  Due to recent cuts in government funding for higher education, charitable giving has become crucial for the Center for Bioethics to remain in the forefront of America’s most distinguished bioethics centers.  Your contribution will help support the Center as a major forum through which professionals can grapple with emerging controversial ethical issues in medical care, reproductive ethics, allocation of transplant organs, protection of privacy, conflicts of interest, stem cell and cloning research, and end-of-life decisions.  Most certainly, discussions and decisions relating to these pressing issues will have a major effect on both individuals and society now and for generations to come.

Opportunities exist for donors to name a specific area of interest in honor of a family member or loved one with a 5-year commitment of support.  Examples of naming opportunities include:


  • Reproductive Ethics Lectureship
  • End-of-Life Ethics Lectureship
  • Neuroethics Lectureship
  • Educational Seminar Series
  • Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship
  • Faculty Research Scholarships
  • Clinical Bioethics and Ethical Translational Research Fellowship

Reproductive Ethics Lectureship

Reproductive Ethics continues to be among the most controversial issues in the field of Bioethics.  As such, it is a major area of focus at the Center.

A named Reproductive Ethics Lectureship would explore issues such as:

  • Embryonic stem cell and cloning research
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Egg and sperm donation (designer babies)
  • Surrogate parenthood
  • Elective C-section
  • Selective fetal termination
  • Maternal vs. fetal rights
  • Sex selection

The Lectureship in Reproductive Ethics would feature a world-renowned speaker.  The needs and interests of the University and the community would be well served by this Lectureship in Reproductive Ethics.  Members of the general public would be welcome to attend.

End-of-Life Ethics Lectureship

Care around the end of life presents profound ethical dilemmas that we all will confront at some time in our lives.  The End-of-Life Lectureship would feature a world-renowned speaker exploring topics such as:

  • Pain and symptom amelioration
  • Palliative care
  • Spirituality and emotional support
  • Care-giver burden
  • Advance Directives
  • Communication at the end of life

Educational Seminar Series

The Center for Bioethics presents educational seminars on significant issues in Bioethics. These seminars meet the needs and interests of the University and the community. Members of the general public are always welcome to attend.

Additional educational seminars are needed to provide two opportunities per year to discuss the emerging ethical, legal, and social policy implications that result from advances in research and technology.  Topics of interest include:

  • Genetics and its Impact on the Individual and on Society
  • Humanism in Medicine - Promoting the Caring Physician
  • Neuroethics and the Study of the Mind, Brain, and Behavior
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Protection of Human volunteers/ subjects in Research
  • Ethical Implications of New Technologies.

Currently, the Arnold P. Gold Foundation for Humanism in Medicine hosts the Ethics for Lunch  seminar series three times a year.  Difficult cases from the hospitals’ Ethics Committees are presented that stress compassionate care. This grant provides attendees with lunch.

Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship

A named Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship would be awarded to a Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons student between his/her first and second year.  The Summer Research Fellow would conduct a research project while “in residence” at the Center for Bioethics under the guidance of the Director.  The student’s project would add important new information to the field of Bioethics while serving to nurture his / her research ambitions.

Faculty Research Scholarships

The Center’s mission includes promoting research. Hence, the Center seeks to establish a named Faculty Scholarship Fund to foster the scholarly work of the Center’s faculty members.

The Center membership includes a University-wide, inter-professional faculty of more than 60 who work in varied fields.  A faculty scholarship fund would enable our scholars to investigate topics that advance both public understanding and scholarly work on contemporary issues in Bioethics.

The Center would request proposals from its faculty and would provide seed money to support the most promising proposals.  Funding would cover the costs of conducting pilot studies that provide necessary data to enable future full-scale empirical research in Bioethics to go forward.

To learn more about these and other opportunities, please contact
David Straub, Administrator for Center Affairs
Center for Bioethics
at 212-342-0442, or by email at

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