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The Center for Bioethics maintains a library that includes the audio tapes of our monthly Seminar Series.  We also have Web casts in CD format for several of our notable presentations (see also a listing of video presentations that are on the web).

Reprints of the medical student newsletter Bioethics are available as a PDF or as a printed copy in our office.

The following video and audio tapes and CDs are available for loan. Please visit our office, or contact us at 212-342-0452.

Bioethics Seminars Columbia University (Alphabetical by Speaker):

“Should There be Limits on the Right to Privacy? A History of Privacy and Surveillance in America”
Ron Bayer, PhD. February 20, 2003. (VHS)

“Affirmative Action and the US Supreme Court”
Lee C. Bollinger. March 14, 2003. (VHS)

“Virginia Apgar Symposium”
Center for Bioethics and Columbia Health Sciences Center. September 19, 2002. (VHS)

“Virginia Apgar Symposium Concert”
Center for Bioethics and Columbia Health w:st="on">Sciences Center. September 19, 2002. (VHS)

“Privacy vs. Protection: The Case of College Student Suicide”
Center for Bioethics, Columbia University & Suicide Intervention Center, New York State Psychiatric Institute. April 21, 2005. (Mini DV, DVD & 11 minute screening VHS)

“Privacy and Confidentiality & Conflicts of Interest: Keeping Pace with Research Practice”
Nancy Dubler, LLB. And Thomas Murray, PhD. May 30, 2003. (VHS)

“Bioethics Mediation:  How to Resolve Health Care Disputes”
Nancy Dubler, LLB and Carol Liebman, MA JD. January 26, 2006. (Audio Cassette)

“Politics and Bioethics”
Ruth R. Faden, MPH. PhD. April 21, 2004. (MiniDV)

“Stem Cells: Critical Science, Policy, and Ethics”
G D Fischbach, MD.September 23, 2003. (DVD & VHS)

“Race Genetics and Medicine: Is Race a Social Construct or a Factor for Optimal Prescribing of Medication”
Charles K. Francis, MD. Linwood Lewis, PhD. Andrew Moran, MD. & Ann Morning, PhD. May 12, 2005. (Audio Cassette and Digital Audio Tape)

“Current Issues in Research Practice” (Focus Group for IRB Members)
Robert Klitzman, MD. May 19, 2003. (Audio Cassette)

“Mortal Secrets: Truth and Lies in the Age of AIDS”
Robert L. Klitzman, MD. November 6, 2003. (Digital Audio Tape)

“Informed Consent? Women, Doctors and Breast Cancer”
Barron Lerner, MD. PhD. April 30, 2003. (VHS)

“Ethics For Lunch: Difficult Cases from the CUMC New York w:st="on">Presbyterian Hospital Ethics Committee”
Barron Lerner, PhD. March 1, 2005. (Audio Cassette)

“Distributive Injustices and Pharmaceutical Prices”
Donald Light, PhD. June 7, 2004. (Audio Cassette)

“Difficult Cases from the Children’s Hospital Ethics Committee”
John Lorenz, MD. February 16, 2006. (Audio Cassette)

“Neuroscience, National Security, and Human Research Ethics”
Jonathan Moreno, PhD. May 20, 2005. (MiniDV, DVD & 12 minute screening VHS)

“Life and Death Decisions in the NICU: A Cross Cultural Perspective”
Kristina Orfali, PhD. December 8, 2005. (Audio Cassette)

“’Gattaca’ Panel Discussion”
Dr. Richard Pierson Jr, Prof. William Sage, MD. JD,. Prof. David Sterritt, Dr. Tove Rosen, MD, and Prof. Francoise Simon PhD. March 3, 2004. (Audio Cassette & CD)

“Brown Bag Lunch: Difficult Cases from the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Ethics Committee”
Kenneth Prager, MD. October 28, 2003. (Audio Cassette)

“Difficult Cases from the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Ethics Committee”
Kenneth Prager. MD. March 23, 2004. (Audio Cassette)

“Ethics for Lunch: Difficult Cases from the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Ethics Committee”
Kenneth Prager, MD. October 21, 2004. (Audio Cassette)

“Ethics for Lunch: The Schiavo Case: Medical Ethics’ Perfect Storm, A Retrospective Analysis and Guide for the Perplexed”
Kenneth Prager, MD. May 3, 2005. (MiniDV, DVD & 3 minute screening VHS)

“Difficult Cases from the CUMC – New York Presbyterian Hospital Ethics Committee”
Kenneth Prager, MD. November 29, 2005. (Audio Cassette)

“Promise and Perils of Artificial Hearts”
Eric Rose, MD. January 11, 2005. (Audio Cassette)

“Covering the World: Lead Poisoning and the Social History of a Childhood Epidemic”
David Rosner, PhD. February 5, 2004. (Audio Cassette)

“Teaching Ethics: What can the Professions Learn from Each Other”
Bill Sage, JD. November 7, 2002. (Audio Cassette)

“Patient Models of Confidentiality”
Pamela Sankar, PhD. March 27, 2003. (Audio Cassette)

“Spirituality, Religious Wisdom, and Care of the Patient”
Rabbi Mychal Springer, MA and Rev. Doc. Leroy Gilbert, PhD. January 9, 2006. (Audio Cassette)

“Taking Medical Ethics Seriously”
Alfred Tauber, MD. September 13, 2004. (MiniDV)

“Building Better Brains: The Ethical Challenge of Neuroenhancement”
Paul R. Wolpe, PhD. September 14, 2005. (Audio Cassette & CD)

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