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The Columbia University Center for Bioethics Faculty Associates participate in educational events and initiatives that are enriched by their professional interests and expertise. They collaborate with other members of the Center to promote our mission of education, research and scholarly endeavors, and service to diverse communities.


 Elaine Abrams  Wafaa El-Sadr  Jay Meltzer  David Strauss
 Larry Amsel  Amy Fairchild  Lawrence Newman  Ezra Susser
 Paul Appelbaum  Lynn Freedman  Kathy Nickerson  Mervin Susser
 Michelle Ballan  Mindy Fullilove    Kristina Orfali  John Truman
 Ronald Bayer

 Arnold Gold

 Ruth Ottman  Myrna Weissman
 David Beim  George Hardart  Constance Park  Nancy Wexler
 J. Thomas Bigger  Marguerite Holloway  Richard Pierson  
 Jeffrey Blustein  Allen Hyman  Joyce Plaza  
 Penelope Buschman  Andre Ivanoff  Robert Pollack  
Lynn Bush  Richard Kessin  Kenneth Prager  
 Airlie Cameron  Hassan Khouli  Carol Prives  
 James Carey  Philip Kitcher  Miriam Rabkin
 Rita Charon  Robert Klitzman  David Rosner
 Wendy Chung  Donald Kornfeld bullet Jamie Rubin

 Andrew Davidson  Jon Levenson

 Sam Silverstein

 Andrew Delbanco

 Roberto Lewis-Fernandez

 Jeremy Simon
 Jewelnel Davis  Carol Liebman bullet Nomita Sonty
 Joseph D’Oronzio  John Loike bullet Patrice Spitalnik
 John Driscoll  John Lorenz  Barbara Stanley
 Harold Edgar    Zena Stein
 Anke Ehrhardt    



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