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Ruth L. Fischbach, PhD, MPE

Ruth L. Fischbach, Professor of Bioethics and Director and Co-founder of the Center for Bioethics, is a faculty member both in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Department of Sociomedical Sciences at the Mailman School of Public Health.

Prior to arriving at Columbia, Dr. Fischbach served from 1998 to 2001 as the Senior Advisor for Biomedical Ethics in the Office of the Director of Extramural Research at the NIH. Here she participated in many federal interagency committees designed to protect the rights and promote the welfare of research participants. She produced Bioethics Resources on the Web, a useful Web site resource for the research community, and two guidance documents: Protection of Participants in Behavioral and Social Sciences Research and Research Involving Individuals with Questionable Capacity to Consent: Points to Consider. She received an NIH Award of Merit for her efforts in establishing the Tuskegee Center for Bioethics. Preceding service at the NIH, from1990 -1998 Dr. Fischbach was a bioethicist/medical sociologist at Harvard Medical School in both the Department of Social Medicine and the Division of Medical Ethics. She was Director of the Program in the Practice of Scientific Investigation, served on the HMS IRB and served as a consultant for both Massachusetts General and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospitals. While at Washington University from 1983 - 1990, she completed a master’s degree in Psychiatric Epidemiology, headed the Ethics Program, founded the Humanities in Medicine Program,  and served as an assistant dean.

Her current scholarly work focuses on contemporary issues in bioethics including neuroethics, genetics, stem cell research, and advances in assisted reproductive technology. She has published several articles re neuroethics, produced a Web-based course in Neuroethics), and intends to offer an elective in the medical school on neuroethics.  Currently, she is the PI on a study to assess concordance in attitudes and experiences with genetics and social stigma between parents of children on the autism spectrum and autism genetics scientists.

At Columbia, Dr. Fischbach serves on the CUMC Milstein Hospital Ethics Committee, Children's Hospital Ethics Committee, the University’s Stem Cell Oversight Committee, and the Advisory Board for the Center for the Study of Science and Religion. Beyond Columbia, Dr. Fischbach is an elected fellow of AAAS section on Medicine as well as Member at Large of AAAS Section X, serves on both the Arnold P. Gold Foundation Medical and Professional Advisory Council and the Gold Foundation Honor Society, the Population Council IRB at Rockefeller University, and the Board of Directors of the Morris Jumel Mansion in historic Washington Heights.  Dr. Fischbach is an emeritus member of the Board of Directors of PRIM&R (Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research) on which she served for 19 years.

Original Peer Reviewed Articles:

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bullet Di Tillio-Gonzalez D, Fischbach RL. The Informed Consent Form in Developing Countries (In Preparation)

Books and Chapters:

bullet  Loike JD and Fischbach RL: Frontiers in Bioethics. New York: ST Press. 2013.

bullet  Fischbach RL and Mindes. Why Neuroethicists are Needed. IN: The Oxford Handbook of Neuroethics, Illes and Sahakian (ed.s). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011: 343-376. 

Reviews, Editorials, and Letters:

bullet Fischbach, RL, quoted in “Bioethics programs called to address “new normal” under health care reform. Bioethics programs must take steps to prevent loss of funding.” Medical Ethics Advisor. Vol 29, No 1, pp.1-3.January 2013.


bullet Fischbach RL, quoted in “Debating the ethics of freebies in exchange for glowing reviews,” The Kansas City Star. July 21, 2008.  

bullet Fischbach RL, Loike JD.  End of Life Issues from a Jewish Perspective. The Jewish Press. June 25, 2008

Abstracts and Posters:

bullet *Fischbach, RL, Loike, JD, Mindes, J.  Stem Cells: Biology, Ethics, and Applications.  On Line Distance Learning Course.  Poster Presentation Columbia Stem Cell Day, May 23, 2011.

bullet *Woo JA, Fischbach RF. Physician Participation in Judicial Execution by Lethal Injection and State Medical Board Positions. Poster presentation. 2009 Annual Meeting of the Federation of State Medical Boards, Arlington, VA.

Web-based Distance Learning Courses:

bullet Stem cells: Biology, Ethics, and Applications (2012)

bullet Neuroethics: Implications of Advances in Neuroscience. Ruth L. Fischbach with Dina J. Feivelson, Gerald D. Fischbach, Emily Gilmore, Elizabeth Haberfeld, Justine Seidenfeld, 2008. Accessed on the web at Funded by the Dana Foundation.

bullet Privacy and Confidentiality in Research. Ruth L. Fischbach with Joyce Plaza, 2006. Accessed at Supported by funding from the NIH T15 award and the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), HHS

bullet Conflicts of Interest. Ruth L. Fischbach with Joyce Plaza, April 13, 2005. Accessed on the Web at Supported by funding from the NIH T15 award and the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), HHS


bullet Fischbach RL, as quoted in “Coming Soon to YouTube: My Face-Life”, The New York Times. June 26, 2008.

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* Senior  or corresponding author



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