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Jeremy Simon, MD, PhD is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the College of Physicians & Surgeons and an attending physician in the Emergency Department of New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia. He serves on the Columbia University Medical Center Ethics Committee and Institutional Review Board, as well as the ethics committee of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. His interests extend to both medical ethics and general philosophy of medicine (metaphysics and epistemology) and particularly to the intersection of these fields.

Center for Bioethics
630 West 168th Street
New York, NY10032

Recent publications include:
Anonymous (Adams J, Larkin G, Iserson K, Kassutto Z, Freas G, Delany K, Krimm J Schmidt T, Simon J, Calkins A): Virtue in Emergency Medicine. Academic Emergency Medicine.1996; 3:961-966.

Simon J, Dwyer J, Goldfrank LR: The Difficult Patient. Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America. 1999; 17:353-370.

Simon J: The Proper Ends of Science: Philip Kitcher, Science and the Good. Philosophy of Science. 2006, 73:194-214.

Simon J: Beyond Naturalism and Normativism: Reconceiving the "Disease" Debate. Philosophical Papers. 2007; 36:343-370.

Simon J: Refusal of Care: The Doctor-Patient Relationship and Decision-Making Capacity. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2007; 50:456-461.

Simon J: Constructive Realism and Medicine: An approach to medical ontology. Perspective in Biology and Medicine. 2008;51. In press.

Simon J: In Reply to Bastani and Murray. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2008; 51:683-684.

Simon J, Fischbach R: Response to Powell. The Hastings Center Report. 2008; 38(3):4.

Simon J, Fischbach R: Doctor, Will You Turn Off My LVAD?, The Hastings Center Report. 2008; 38(1):14-15.

Simon J: Medical Ontology, in Handbook of the Philosophy of Medicine, ed. F. Gifford. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Forthcoming.

Feeser V, Simon J: The Ethical Assignment of Authorship in Scientific Publications: Issues and guidelines. Academic Emergency Medicine. Forthcoming.

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